How To Experience Pain Free Living With A Foam Roller

Foam rolling is a self myofascial release roller that has been welcomed by the fitness industry. This simple and effective technique delivers excellent, feel good results. Foam rollers are easy to acquire, since they can be found in many sporting goods stores and at most gyms. When you use the foam roller, you will find that it improves pain reduction and supports better movement, muscle recovery, and more flexibility. A foam roller can give you great results in minutes.

Why Using a Foam Roller is Beneficial

  • Foam rollers vary in temperature modifications, surface structure and density. Whatever tool you select will help you to focus on the fascial and neural systems in your body, which could have been adversely influenced by dysfunctional movements, repetitive motions or poor posture. Your body identifies these instinctive stressful movements as an injury, so it begins to initiate a repair practice known as Cumulative Injury Cycle. The cycle follows a path of muscle spasms, inflammation, and the creation of soft tissue adhesions that may lead to muscle imbalance and distorted neuromuscular control. The adhesions lessen the soft tissue’s elasticity and may ultimately change it permanently. A foam roller can help to alleviate the adhesions, which are also referred to as trigger points.

Techniques with the Foam Roller

  • Foam rolling should be done before you stretch, since it will help to improve the lengthening of tissue during your stretching activities. The foam roller may also be used when you cool down after exercise. Once you learn the proper technique of myofascial release, you will find it easy to use a foam roller on your own.
  • There are several techniques that can be practiced when using a foam roller. Although if it is your first time performing rolling activities, then you should learn the correct method, by either searching the internet for exercises, or asking a personal trainer at the gym. You can practice myofascial release on almost every spot on your body. It is very simple to learn the correct exercises, and when you do, you can enjoy all of the benefits this activity provides.
  • When you are ready to begin your exercise it is important that you relax, since this will help to loosen your muscles. Start by slowly rolling in the target area until you find the tender spot. Stop on that spot and relax the target area. Then between thirty to ninety seconds, you should feel the discomfort reducing. While you are performing the exercise, it is imperative that you maintain core stability. The drawing in method (pull your belly button in towards the spine) will help you to maintain stability in the lumbo-hip and pelvic complex. Take your time practicing, and pay attention to how slightly changing your position and angle can target several different areas of muscles. Do not do the same rolling technique repeatedly, it will not improve that area; instead change your exercises. Search other areas on your body for tender spots. For example lie on your side and roll the inner part of your thigh, or roll the back and front of your armpits. Your back has a lot of layers, so you can discover unfamiliar places on your body that need to be released.

The Best Foam Rollers for Self Massage

There are numerous foam rollers for sale, so how do you choose the best one? The rollers come in every shape, size and price. Listed below are the five most popular, effective and enjoyed rollers:

1. Trigger Point Foam Roller

  • Trigger point foam rollers are extremely popular and well designed. The Grids Distrodensity Foam zones, allow you to apply different amounts of pressure that will ultimately help you to get a good massage and release tight muscles. The Grid is small in size and portable. It sells for approximately $45 dollars.

2. M80 Groove Massage Roller

  • The M80 Massage Roller comes with a guarantee that promises it will never lose its shape. It is hollow, durable, and grooved in an interesting pattern. The M80 is completely waterproof and is a compact 5 X 15 inches. It sells for approximately $42.

3. Full Size Rumble Roller

  • The Rumble Roller gives a deep massage because it is more deeply grooved and firmer than most of the others. Original foam rollers are smooth on the surface, which allows them to compress soft tissue. The flat surface improves tissue flexibility and blood flow. This roller sells for about $70.

4. Travel Stick Mini Foam Roller

  • The Travel Stick is a good roller for beginners. It is very portable measuring 18 x 4 inches, weighs in at around 14 ounces, and is under warranty for life. It is well priced at around $20.

5. Smart Foam Roller with Massage Stick

  • This roller is has a strong core and it comes with a bonus massage stick. It is a convenient size measuring 13 X 6 inches long, and is extremely well priced for a strong core roller at around $30.

Final Eval Of Foam Rolling

A foam roller that is used correctly can give you the same benefits as a full body, deep tissue massage. For athletes, runners and everyday people foam rolling can prevent stiffness and pain, work out sore muscles and relax you. Since it is a self myofascial release tool, it can be used almost anytime and anywhere. Purchasing a foam roller can give you a lifetime of pain free happiness.